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Learn various viewpoint, techniques, Movement Flow methods and systems which will enhance your practice.

–  9am-Morning –

Warm Up Practice


Ground Flow

Body Balance

Dynamic Flexibility

– 12-1pm Lunch –

Mind vs Matter

Mobility Training


Soft Acrobatic

Dynamic Flexibility

Exit Strategies/Reaction Training

End Of Day Integration

– Finish-5pm –

Each day we practice a designed set of sequences that will stay with us for the entirety of the training, at the same we will cover different subject matters daily to grow our base stronger and more educated, in the 5 days you can expect to be covering topics such as:

Ground Flow

A concept that has been developed to strengthen your interaction with the floor, making transitions look effortless while using the potential of literally any surface to propel your self into motion. You will gain insight into how to roll, twist, jump, and absorb seamlessly, transferring one movement into the next.

Soft Acrobatic

Meant for every level of practitioner, this section will teach you how to access the fast twitch muscles in a variety of movements. Not only will you gain insight into the basis of all acrobatic movements, you will begin to get a taste of freedom in space. Think of it this way; in order to achieve an aerial you will first have to master a cartwheel. Building blocks are essential in the path to higher level skills and this section will guide you along the path with understandable and attainable progressions.

Mind vs Matter

Testing the threshold of what your mind can handle will be the focus of this section, you will be introduced to a variety of techniques picked up by Slava while training with the Shaolin monks in China. The mind is an incredibly powerful tool and is often what holds us back the most in our movement practice. Together we will challenge ourselves, test the edges, and increase the endurance of our minds to begin to experience what we truly are capable of.

Body Balance

Along with challenging our bodies, we must also take great care in building a strong framework to help protect us from injury. In this section we will focus on strengthening your slow twitch muscles through various exercises including long holds and more. Strength and endurance are key in training our body to adapt and endure whatever we throw at it, so be ready to work hard!

Dynamic Flexibility

The combination of flexibility and movement opens the door to an active range of motion, something that has been dormant in many stretching practices. In this section we will dive deep into subjects such as muscle anatomy, loaded stretching, end range of motion, power vs. limit, active exits, and more. All of these tools will allow you to experience greater control and freedom through your range.

Exit Strategies/Reaction Training

Everything is great until it’s not. Learning how to react in any situation is an essential human skill that most of us don’t train with intention. Using a variety of games, techniques and simple props, we will begin to rewire our nervous systems to become vigilant and responsive to its environment. You never know when life will hit you hard, and it is in these moments that we must rely on our instinct and skill to guide us in the right direction.

Level Of Practice

Suitable for all Levels, with the knowledge this will be a very physical and hands-on course meaning everything you learn you will practice and integrate into your practice, so expect to work hard not only with your bodies but with your minds, both will be tested.


What To Bring

Training Gear: shorts, t-shirt, comfortable pants and socks for floor work

snacks, fluids, and lunch, make sure to have a healthy breakfast to give you lots of energy for the day.



October 12-14th – Show up  early 15 minutes each day at 8:45 am



What Lab 1814 Pandora St-Vancouver B.C Canada



For as long as Slava can remember, he has always been curious about the human body and it’s complexity of expression. Having studied with Circus coaches here in Canada, Shaolin monks in China, professional Acrobats in Europe, Martial Art teachers from Brazil, he has formulated his own techniques and protocols over the years to get his students to where they want to go, his pursuit for education is his purpose and to share that with his students is his mission.



Every day is essential to the totality of the course meaning for you the get a Movement Flow Level 1 Certificate you would need to finish all 5 days without missing any of the program. All who pass the course will receive a Level 1 Certification of completion under the Movement Flow School and will be eligible to take future development courses like Level 2 and Teacher Training programs.


The Road Ahead  

There will be 3 stages of development to complete the entire Movement Flow education


Level 1: Teaching you the theory and the protocols of Movement Flow, the entire course is hands-on meaning you don’t just learn you integrated the education into your own body so it becomes part of your skill set.


Level 2: This is definitely a level up meaning you need a strong movement practice with the combination of completing Level 1, this will a physically demanding course that will test your edges, but like anything in life the greater the challenge the greater the reward (Level 2 will be held in March 2020)


Level 3: Want to be a Movement Flow Teacher? Is Movement something you want to share? Are you passionate about spreading Education? Then Level 3 might be for you.

(Level 1-2 are a prerequisite)-(Level 3 will be held in May 2020)

The program tuition for the Level 1 Movement Flow is $650 CAD. This payment is do 30 days before the course begins, making a payment reserves your spot in the training, once the course sells out at 20 participants registration will be closed. All tuition is fully refundable 30 days prior to the course.
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